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Why We Should 3Bet Ace King

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Steve just wants me to review a hand he played with ace/king suited. He says he’s be grateful for any opinion on this one and it’s a hand with multiple angles to consider. So let’s check it out. This hand is from 16 no limit on Poker Stars. There’s a limp, there’s a raise, there’s a call, a fold, a call, and Hero decides to call as well.

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How To Use SPR To Make Decisions

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Levuta says: “Is there any merit in check shoving this turn?”

Let’s check out the spot. This hand is from 2NL online, playing four-handed. There’s a limp from the CO, a raise from the Button, who is a 32/21 over 30 hands. Hero decides to 3Bet, which I’m very happy about. However, I think the size here is going to be the major problem.

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