The 70% Model

see how the pyramid informs bad vs. good vs. great poker

The One Percent: The 70% Model

This is the entire second video from my popular course The One Percent. We spend some time visualizing a poker strategy through the lens of a simple shape: the pyramid. Concepts include how frequencies create these pyramids, common pyramid issues most players have, jagged vs smooth edges, and tips for exploiting players who have pyramid issues.

Part 1 (of this 11-part series) covered the big-picture ideas including the two rules laid out in this video along with some major leaks that today’s players have. While you should watch this entire course in order, this video The 70% Model stands alone and lays the groundwork for the rest of the series which includes in-depth hand breakdowns, how to branch ranges properly, how to protect yourself against tougher players, and how to choose the right density of bluffs compared to value hands.

The One Percent

Is The One Percent Right For You?

This course explores the strategy that lives directly between GTO and exploitative play, while breaking down proper lines using simple rules and advanced refinement. You will walk away with the skillset to objectively spot your opponent’s leaks, fix your own leaks, and become the aggressive pain in the ass that everyone hates playing against.

If you play:

↦ 6max Online Cash Games (25NL-200NL)

↦ Full Ring Online Cash Games (25NL-200NL)

↦ Live Cash Games ($1/$2-$5/$10)

↦ Tournaments ($22+ ABI)

I fully anticipate this course being a good fit. If you play smaller than these limits, I would suggest saving this course for later. My focus is always ensuring that your purchase offers an ROI, and it would be difficult to prove an ROI if you are still building your bankroll at 5NL.

Honestly, everything in this course is applicable to every No Limit Holdem game. The formulation of a proper strategy is math-based, and The One Percent takes you behind the cards – putting the math and frequencies up front. You don’t need to be a math-genius to grasp this course. In fact, the rules are so simple that at first you may think “this is too easy to be true.”

Don’t worry – I’ll explain the whole thing and show you countless examples to help things stick. With the videos, exercises, answer keys, and extra sheets – you’ll get an entire course that you can watch in a weekend and use in EVERY SINGLE SESSION you play. 

Grab your copy today, get lifetime access to EVERYTHING, and see how you too can be part of poker’s top-1%!