Using A Custom PT4 Hud

If you bought, or are considering purchasing a custom PT4 hud, you may not know how to begin using it.  This page is going to teach you how to install it and also how to make basic changes to the hud profile and also hud options.  And with that said, let’s get started:

Installing Your PT4 Hud

To install your hud simply open PT4 and go to Hud > Edit Hud Profiles.  Then go to Options > Import Profile.  Click OK to save your changes.

How To Import Your Hud Profile

Setting The Default Hud Profile

From PT4 go to Hud > Edit Hud Options > Profile Select and choose either $ or T ($ for cash games and T for tournaments).  Choose the hud profile from the drop-down menu and make any specifications (for instance, using a 6max hud on short handed tables), and then click Add.  If you wish to use one profile for all sites, games, and the replayer…clear all the definitions below, select ANY for all the drop-down menus, and Add the definition.  Click OK to save your work.

Setting Your Default PT4 Hud

Moving the PT4 Hud

There are two easy ways to move your PT4 hud elements.  First, you can hold the Control key and drag the element to a new location.  Or you can click the PT4 poker chip, unlock the hud, and then drag the elements around normally.  Once you’ve made all of your changes make sure to click the PT4 poker chip and Save Layout.

How To Move PT4 Poker Hud Elements

Changing the Hud Size

What if the hud is too large, or small, for your table layout?  Well this is a very easy fix!  Go to Hud > Edit Hud Profiles and choose your profile from the drop-down menu.  Use Control + A to select all the stats below, then click font and change it to a smaller (or larger) font size.  Once you’ve made your changes click OK to save.

Change Poker Tracker 4 Hud Size

Adding a Color Border

Some players may choose to add a color border to a player’s hud in an effort to quickly spot fish, regs, etc.  To do this, click the note editor icon and then choose a color from the drop-down menu.  When you are done just click Save and the hud should have a color border!

Poker Tracker 4 Hud Color Ring

Adjusting the Hud Stat’s Colors

What if you don’t like the color ranges I’ve attached with hud?  You can easily change these as well.  To change the overall color of a specific stat go to Hud > Edit Hud Profiles and choose your hud from the drop-down menu.  Then select the stat in the window below and change the foreground color to anything you wish.

Change Poker Tracker 4 Hud Stat Colors

If you wish to change the hud stat ranges you can click a specific stat, go to to the Color Ranges tab, and make your changes.  You can Add extra rules, Delete any/all of them, or simply Edit the numbers and/or associated colors.  I personally use red as a tight/rock color, yellow for mid-range TAGs, and pink for fish, but I don’t assume that everyone uses that same color code!

Stat Color Ranges in PokerTracker 4


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