Winning Poker Hand Quiz

One of the first things a poker player learns is the rank of hands. Quads beat a flush, a flush beats a straight, a straight beats trips, and so on. But there are some spots at showdown where it can be tricky to discern which player wins the pot.

So I built this quick 10-hand quiz to test your skills. You’ll be presented with two player’s hands, the board, and then you’ll discern which player wins the pot. If you deduce that both players would win the pot, choose “chop it up” and move on to the next question.

Just press this button to fire up the quiz:

If you miss even one question you will be presented with all of your answers and also a download link to grab the full answer key. Compare your answers, see where you went wrong, and never again make a mistake when reading hands at showdown.

Take your time – you’re going to do great!

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