Dec 11 – And Writing Has Begun…

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So I’ve decided to dive head first into writing my next book. I have the writing bug and figure I might as well get as much written while I’m motivated to do so. The TOC is currently 16 chapters (not including intro/outtro/preface/etc.) but could grow if I think of things that need to be added. This book will not be specific to any game, and will be more of a NLTAP of online games (so a lot of focus on things like HUD stats, DB stuff, etc.). It’s shaping up to be a beastly project…so we’ll see what comes of it =)

The last few days have been all over the map. I increased my lift load at the gym, so I have been more sore this week than normal. I’m also trying to give myself an extra day between lifts to ensure I don’t strain myself too hard. I’m not really lifting for any specific goal other than to be in shape. I don’t care about power lifting, and I don’t really care entirely about “beach muscles”…I just want to be in shape and stay that way. I just hate that I am going to have to take so much time off while on vacation…but I’ll try to figure out something…
I also spent 5 hours on Thursday trying to build a forum for my protege program. it took forever because phpbb is the least admin-friendly software ever. I think I finally got it working, which will make things like answering hands and organizing things easier. Last year was all done through skype…but I’m thinking with 4x the number of people, it could be really hellish to follow the conversation. Also, the protege program is fully filled, so no more needing to send in apps. I will decide by the first if I want to make everyone known…so we’ll see =)
Everything else has been going well. I got some slider truck today, and some noodle asia yesterday. Also went to comedy club last night which was really good. It is amazing some of the talent you can find at a free comdey show sometimes. Of course, I’ve been to really bad free shows…but I’ve been incredibly impressed with what Vegas offers (even though I had seen some of these particular comics before). It’s been nice getting out of the house more…as I can only sit and type in front of a computer while listening to the same song on repeat for so many hours per day. And with that said, it’s time to go sit in front of my computer and type while listening to this song on repeat for hours. Hope all is well!



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