Jan 6 – The MGM

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So this week has been pretty unproductive unfortunately. I wanted to get a bunch of stuff finalized, but my mental hasn’t been right, which has lead to me being rather lethargic. I have been getting outside and playing some disc golf at least, so that helps. And I’ve also started my new diet as well (well, really just 1 week of super disciplined eating to see what it feels like and how my body/mind adjust to it). I’m doing well so far, and keeping my daily cal count well under 2K, which hasn’t been too bad. Plus it’s been nice to focus on my cal count and really understand what I eat on a daily basis better…

As the image, and title of this post, indicate I got out and played some poker this week. Just played over at MGM, which was very disappointing in their new make-shift poker room (which apparently goes back to normal on the 9th). The games were actually pretty awful at first. I sat at the first table with 50bb (my standard for the first orbit or so as it forces me to play tighter and really focus on generating reads…then I either leave the table or chip-up to 100-150bb) and actually covered the table. Needless to say I got a seat change within 5 hands and moved to another one…
This table was better with a gamblery asian, and some other players that gave action at random intervals (essentially when they got bored from folding for 20 minutes). I will say this though, if you are at a table, don’t be an internet kid. Don’t ramble on about rake, how much you know, math, etc…esp to people who obviously don’t care. Nothing turns off a fish quicker than that nonsense. Anyway…I ran pretty card dead for most of the night. Everytime I would squeeze with a big hand I got folds. I also got very little that I could even limp behind with (whole shit-slew of J4, 93s, etc. crap). So I was pretty tight unfortunately. My only big pot was this one. One limp from UTG by a weak player, crazy asian (CA) raises from MP to $9, and I call on the button with AQo. Now, CA had been making it like $25+ with AK and big hands…so that factors in. The BB calls, and UTG calls. We all see an Ac7d4d flop. BB and UTG check, CA bets for $20. I call, BB slowly calls, and UTG tank folds. The turn is a 4s and UTG, who mind you folded, slightly smashes the table and gets pissy (aka, he folded a 4). BB checks, CA bets $50, and minihorse to $100 (leaving about $60 back). The BB was folding always, and I thought CA would stack his Ax hands now always. There are only 6 combos of A7, 0 combos of 44 given info, 2 combos of A4 given info, 3 combos of 77, and discounted combos of AK given PF size and combos. Plus there are a ton of combos of A8-AJ, which will always stack off. Needless to say he had A7 and I never improved. Sadface.
The rest of the session was just grind stuff and I booked a small loss after flopping 2pr with T7 (in a free play) on T73Q8 and making 2 streets of value. O well. Overall it was good stuff and fun to play a nice 6hr session. On a random note, I got some new hoodies yesterday which were necessary, and also got a new USB convertor so that I can have a dual 23″ setup and just use my 17″ laptop for around the house stuff. A sweet set up indeed =) Hope all is well with you!


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