Mar 18 – And St. Paddy’s Day Came And Went

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This was by far and away my most low-key St. Paddy’s day in a few years (probably since the one in 08 that I spent in an airport). O well. I got some poker played, got some phone calls taken care of, and just kicked it with some beers and reubens. I swear, I need to do something about this cap nonsense. I cannot for the life of me seem to run anywhere near good, lol. play well, get it in with edges, lose. the 100NL cap games look really good (quite a few fish and bad regs)…but I cannot seem to run anywhere near good there. o well, maybe in time, lol

I am also trying to put in a lil more volume. Played a lil 6max session and I want to start playing more. I just feel like I’m not doing enough with my time right now (which is even more true while I’m out east). I think I have found a nice balance with 3 tables of 6max RUSH. This allows me to play about 1K hands/hr with the ability to pause for important hands more easily. 6max is beginning to feel more solid to me…I just needed to get used to how players default range and default line create. I am going to probably put the majority of my volume this year in at 6max…which has actually only strengthened my FR game (or at least it seems so whenever i record a session there for my proteges)
Everything else is going alright. I feel a lil odd in that I haven’t left the house in almost a week (as I have no available car until next week). I also feel odd in that I don’t have much to do in terms of winning. No video games, no disc golf, no real anything. I actually think that is why my urge to play poker always comes when I am back east. O well. I have a couple more weeks here and then I am back in the desert.
And on that note I am going to go watch some TV and then pass out. Hope all is well with yall =)


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