May 23 – Best Shirt Ever

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The last few days have been interesting. On Friday I ended up having a very cool coaching session where I watched a player play live (and she didn’t know who I was until afterwards). It was a very cool experience coaching like that, as it allowed me to see a player in their very natural environment. However, as a coach, it was a major pain, lol. I had to not only play and build my reads and play my game…but also had to watch and note everything that she did while remaining under the radar. Overall, very cool experience, and it forced me to get good at multitasking very quickly.
Yesterday I ended up going down to the strip for a bit. I wanted to preregister for my first event (WSOP #3b) and got Table 9, Seat 4. So I should probably be on my table the entire day, which will be a cool experience. Being able to play with the same people for 12hrs at a time will make for a super information-rich environment. However, in that play time I will really only get like 250 hands in, but something is better than nothing. I will go down later this week and preregister for some other events, though there are some that I just cannot because I need to see if I am in other events so I don’t overlap and leave chips unplayed. Also went over to Aria to check out the Ivey League freeroll (my friend had a friend in it)…which was a madhouse. Got to see the new Ivey room though, which was really cool.
I have also been getting some awesome music lately. Got a ton of Styles Of Beyond, new Bonobo, Quantic, and some Jon Kennedy. I need a veeeeery full playlist for the WSOP since all I will be doing is listening to music and attempting to chip up. Also, music should keep from getting so bored that I just fire-jam my stack to entertain myself, lol. I realized that this whole thing is just a mental exercise. I also got my new shirt that I got for the WSOP. So if you see the dinosaur…you know it is me =)

Other than that, life is going well. My goal is to get a ton of my book written this week, and continue on with my yoga. I have also been doing some shortstacking lately to keep myself fresh on ranges, stack size ship ranges, and prepping myself for standard day 2+ action. So hopefully it all pays off. And with that in mind…I am off to put in a session and pass out. Hope all is well!


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