Oct 19 – Don’t Ever Say This At A Poker Table…

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The last week has been pretty jam packed. Between my new project, making some new videos for PokerBank, and also enjoying a social life…I have been spread pretty thin. The videos I made for PokerBank are pretty awesome imo…as I started a new series which should be released soon. I will just give you a hint…it involves 3bet pots =). I am also still accepting HHs or DBs for review…so if you want me to try making a video from your hands…just email me at splitsuit @ gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do…

I also got some live poker in which was nice. My friend and I went up to Red Rock and just wanted to shoot the shit playing some 200NL. The table was kind of meh…with a decent player to my left, and a bunch of tighter spots around the table (with 2 fish across the table). As time passed though players were getting tired and playing tighter PF…which allowed me to do a lot of isolating (my friend had my direct right and got lazy with isolating which gave me opps). Most of my profit was made just ISO+CB+win…as I think I hit about nothing all night.
My favorite hand of the night was this…and it relates to the title of the post. If you are ever playing…don’t ever let players know that you are on a shortroll and are super elastic to bet sizes. It just allows good players to run bigger bluffs on you. This particular player was on my direct left and open limped UTG. A couple more limps and I knock my option in the BB with T5o. The flop comes 8h7h6s. I lead for $7 into $10, and the guy on my left raises to $15 (which is really odd for him). It folds back to me and I call. The turn is a 2c and I check to him. He bets $21 and I wait about a minute before CRing to $73. He hems and haws and eventually calls. River was a Js and I effective jam for $200. He folds A4hh, and I show my ten high. Now 2 things are important here. 1.) His hand has to be some sort of draw or weakish pair and draw when he minraises the flop given his play style. But I still want to jam the river to ensure he folds JT or 98 type hands on the river. And that relates to 2.) Don’t give people too much information. I can’t run that bluff on many other live players…but I can on someone who probably doesn’t even call a river shove with a random 2 pair that he might have on the river.
Everything else has been solid. Just grinding and working my ass off. I’m about to head back to work and get some editing done…so hopefully all is well with you!


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