October 12 – *sigh*

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The *sigh* is that the car thing most likely isn’t going to go through. The car was pretty much perfect (price, loaded, etc.), but they randomly at the last minute wanted a bigger down than I wanted to put. The size of the down is due to something totally out of my control, which has been kicking my ass for the last 2 years…and the rungood continues. More car shopping in the near-future though.
I’ll recap some of the trip. We got in around 8p on Friday and just ate dinner and chilled out for the night. Woke up at 5:30a on Saturday and went over to the balloon fest (which was a very small walk away due to our awesome parking spot). That lasted for couple hours and then we ate breakfast. Jon and I headed out shortly after and decided to play the 1p tourny at the local casino (Route 66). Not sure why we did that, but it was total LOLs. The structure was 4K chips, 25/50, and 15min levels (doubles with no mid-levels). Couple that with the fact that their $1K chips were white chips with a “1” on them, and their $500 chips were pink with “$2.50” on them…it was a classy establishment, lol. I ended up losing most of my stack with 77vJ9 aipf, and then busted with KQvKTv99 aipf (KTx flop, ldo).

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We then headed over to some disc golf course at a park off the 25. It was a pretty nice park, very hilly and green, and pretty busy as well. I didn’t play all that well, as the new drive I’ve been working on didn’t work well at such a technical course. O well…it was still fun to get out and play at a new course. We then headed back to the RV, but decided to stop off at a dealership on the way to see if we found any good deals. Ended up meeting “Moe” who was the worst salesman ever. Basically had no idea how to sell, was too aggro in spots that didn’t call for it…just an odd guy. O well. Got home, had dinner, and crashed out a little while later.
Woke up at noon the next day, did birthday breakfast with grandpa, and then headed out to play some more disc golf. We went to this course about 20minutes away, buried in no-man’s land, and totally off the beaten path. It was by far and away the most difficult course I had ever seen or played. Many holes were buried in trees, in cages, or on the sides of sharp hills. It was also very long, at 7000ft straight through, and the entire desert floor was covered with foot high prickly brush. I managed to lose my 165g Ace, which isn’t in production anymore…which lifetilted the shit out of me. Couple that with getting a horrific score….it was an interesting afternoon.

We got home, passed out, then woke up early to get driving. Decided to stop off a dealership on the way home, found the car I was bitching about in the first part of this post, and then crashed after writing the previous blog post. Today I am lifetilting about the car and am going to go to the gym later and try to sweat off some of the frustration. Hopefully all is better with yall!


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