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Truth be told, I create a LOT of free poker videos. I manage ThePokerBank’s poker strategy channel on YouTube (with over 2 million views) and put out new content on a weekly basis. If you want to improve your poker game, but don’t love reading long textbooks, these bite-sized videos were made for you!


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This complete series goes through a live $1/$2 hand and assigns ranges every step of the way for a common player type. See how simple hand reading can be and how to make strategic adjustments on the fly with your precise ranges!


Do you have your own poker hand that you want me to review? You can submit your raw hand history here: SUBMIT YOUR OWN HAND. If you play live, you can convert your live poker hand for review here.


Along with free poker videos I also create PRO videos every month at Red Chip Poker. I’m joined by a collection of other great coaches who are not only great players, but great at sharing their knowledge with you. If you’re ready to evolve as a player and stay one-step ahead of the game…we’ve got your back!

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The Live Poker Player's Journal

I created this journal just for live poker players. Never miss an important detail again so you can study your hands like a pro.