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Optimizing Your Bubble Decisions In Poker Tournaments

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The bubble stage of a tournament presents the greatest opportunity for chip accumulation. However, it also often leads to the most costly blunders in a tournament.

Walking the bubble tight-rope can be tricky so let’s go through important points that will help you navigate through your next tournament bubble as profitably as possible. Giving yourself the best chance of cashing, and getting set-up for victory.

The bubble effect arises because of the non-linearity of chips value in tournaments due to the varying payouts. If you’re in a tournament where 36 get paid, with 37 players remaining, and with a relatively short stack, calling a preflop all-in without a very high likelihood of winning against an opponent is a disaster. Continue reading

AI Can Now Beat Pro Poker Players: But Why Does It Matter?

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To some it’s fascinating, to others it’s unnerving, but in a reality where artificial intelligence can defeat professional poker players at their own game – why does it actually matter? It’s not like robots can cash chips.

Wait, bots are out-bluffing humans? Yes, and they’re only going to get better.

In 2015 Limit Hold’em was solved by Cepheus from the University of Alberta, Canada. That same year DeepStack bested 33 pros from the International Federation of Poker, with a 492 mbb/g margin over 44,852 hands!

Libratus from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center took $1.76 million in chips from poker stars Jason Les, Jimmy Chou, Daniel McAuley, and Dong Kim, earlier this year.

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How To Clear Your Mind To Be The All-Time Poker Winner (Sponsored Post)

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I guess any poker player has ever heard the phrase that ‘poker is a game of skill’ as well as the opposite opinion that ‘poker is a game of luck, or a chance’. I do not share both views and prefer to say that poker is a game of work. Constant training, learning, practicing, developing thinking, creativity, logics, patience and discipline is a complex of works any poker player has to accomplish every day not to miss his/her chance for good luck.

Reading books and forums, listening to podcasts, learning techniques. studying videos is as essential part of a poker player life. These activities do not fit with a word ‘game’ that is often associated with entertainment and fun, and to be honest, may be very tiresome. Needless to say, playing poker is rather stressful. This post is here to remind poker players that our minds require relaxing to function well and effectively. Make sure that you devote some time to clear your mind in between working hard to be the all-time poker winner. Continue reading

How To Become A Poker Pro Online (Sponsored Post)

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Even if you don’t know much about poker you might have a secret dream of becoming one of the stars, making millions of dollars each year by playing in cash games and tournaments. Several poker stars became pros by playing online. One example of this is Thomas Dwan Jr. who called himself Durrr online and made big money by playing in high stake No Limit Texas Holdem games in online poker rooms. But Tom is not the only one and certainly not the most successful one.

There are several poker stars that began their careers as anonymous players in poker rooms online. They might have started out by looking for casinos on sites like APNET and then realizing that the casino site also had a poker room. Trying their poker skills out in the poker room they started to win more money than on the casino games and in time they turned into true poker players. Continue reading