How To Clear Your Mind To Be The All-Time Poker Winner (Sponsored Post)

I guess any poker player has ever heard the phrase that ‘poker is a game of skill’ as well as the opposite opinion that ‘poker is a game of luck, or a chance’. I do not share both views and prefer to say that poker is a game of work. Constant training, learning, practicing, developing thinking, creativity, logics, patience and discipline is a complex of works any poker player has to accomplish every day not to miss his/her chance for good luck.

Reading books and forums, listening to podcasts, learning techniques. studying videos is as essential part of a poker player life. These activities do not fit with a word ‘game’ that is often associated with entertainment and fun, and to be honest, may be very tiresome. Needless to say, playing poker is rather stressful. This post is here to remind poker players that our minds require relaxing to function well and effectively. Make sure that you devote some time to clear your mind in between working hard to be the all-time poker winner.

Changing background

I know a lot of poker players who wishing to take a rest resort to another kind of gaming, like bingo, slots, or go to NederlandseGokken online casino where they choose the best Dutch online casino to play. Though, these way has nothing to do with changing environment. Small trip, or a picnic in the green park are the best way to relax your mind that get used to thinking over poker strategies. A change of a scenery is like a jolt to your mind. Fresh air and green plants on the picnic are the best stress relievers.


Even if do not live a healthy life style and are not obsessed with fitness, organic foods and meditation, try to do some physical exercises, jog, or swim from time to time. You’ll be surprised by how much your energy level is boosted and how clear your mind became. If you do not like any of the above physical activities, you can just walk along the streets of your city during 20-30 minutes. The pros will be not a good mood and physical shape, but also finding new cozy cafes to visit.

A Good Sleep

That is my favorite measure to deal with stress and bad mental activity. It is really powerful and almighty. It requires no equipment and special efforts. I’ll not burden you with that a bunch of studies performed by a bunch of scientists. The point is quite clear. A good sleep is essential to maintain good mental and physical health. As for me, after sleeping enough good ideas come to my mind.

Actually, the most important thing is to know what makes your relaxed (It may be mediation, yoga, spending time with your friends and loved ones etc) and not to forget to do this when you fell exhausted.

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