Best-Selling Poker Books Of 2014

Do you enjoy reading list posts, a top 10, top 25 etc? I like them because it means someone else has made the effort to research and compile a list of the best in whatever topic the list is about.

So if you are like me, you may enjoy this. The team over at YourHandSucks has put together an awesome infographic about the best selling poker books of 2014:


The list shows some interesting stuff, here are my comments:

  • It is surprising to see Colson’s book so high on the list. It might be because it caters to a broader audience than just poker players and that some big newspaper reviewed it when it was released. That being said, he did some good PR including interviews on NPR…and that always helps.

  • Poker For Dummies is also on the list with two entries. Guess the dummies format is a big brand and that the actual content of the books is pretty good for newbies.

  • The new star in 2014 is Moorman’s poker book. It came out in November so guess it will be the top selling in 2015 as well.

  • Mike Caro is still on the list which his book about poker tells. Seems like classics never grow, but I’m really shocked that Elwood’s books haven’t shadowed Caro’s books yet…

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