More Hands Vs More Flops Answer Key

Wondering what the answers were for the More Hands vs More Flops QuizHere they are along with Flopzilla screenshots to show you the exact answer. This may be a bit mind-bottling if you’ve never done this before…but getting a feel for this is huge. I’ll also embed a long video I did showing how to use Flopzilla down below in case you are interested in learning more about this powerful software:

How often is 99 an overpair on the flop?

1 - 99

How often does 54s flop top pair or better?

2 - 54s

How often does A2s flop the nut flush?

3 - A2s

How often does KJ flop top pair or better?

4 - KJo

How often does TT see one (or more) overcards on the flop?

5 - TT

How often does Ako flop a gutshot?

6 - AKo

How often does 97s flop a flush OR straight draw?

7 - 97s

How often does 55 flop a set or better?

8 - 55

How often does QJ flop a straight draw or gutshot?

9 - QJ

How often does J9 flop second pair?

10 - J9

Want to learn how to use Flopzilla? This long video will show just how awesome this software is. Get it today with a 7 day free trial directly from

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