Wondering what the answers were for the More Hands vs More Flops QuizHere they are along with Flopzilla screenshots to show you the exact answer. This may be a bit mind-bottling if you’ve never done this before…but getting a feel for this is huge. I’ll also embed a long video I did showing how to use Flopzilla down below in case you are interested in learning more about this powerful software:

How often is 99 an overpair on the flop?

1 - 99

How often does 54s flop top pair or better?

2 - 54s

How often does A2s flop the nut flush?

3 - A2s

How often does KJ flop top pair or better?

4 - KJo

How often does TT see one (or more) overcards on the flop?

5 - TT

How often does Ako flop a gutshot?

6 - AKo

How often does 97s flop a flush OR straight draw?

7 - 97s

How often does 55 flop a set or better?

8 - 55

How often does QJ flop a straight draw or gutshot?

9 - QJ

How often does J9 flop second pair?

10 - J9

Want to learn how to use Flopzilla? This long video will show just how awesome this software is. Get it today with a 7 day free trial directly from Flopzilla.com

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