Moving Up (by: JH1)

I’m not an expert poker player. But I have had a lot of experience with moving up – and down – in stakes. I started out like most clueless poker hopefuls and played extremely high for the size of my bankroll. After winning a few freerolls and floating around in the micro …

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What To Expect From Coaching

This can be split into 2 parts; what you will be expected to have for coaching, and what to expect from coaching. 1. What you will be expected to have for coaching: – Mikogo – Skype – A headset – PokerTracker/HEM (or similar tracking software) – Time to play – The ability …

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Poker Coaching Application

If you are interested in poker coaching from me, please copy/paste this info into the message below and fill in the blanks. This process saves us time and helps me know a little more about you and your situation. I look forward to working with you! ********************************************************************* 1.) Name 2.) Location (I …

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Coaching Terms

I just want to list out terms for coaching. Although it is rare that there is ever an issue, the terms should still be clear for both the student and myself.

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