July 25 – COTW Video Is Finally Done!

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I started the script last week, finished it up on Friday, recorded it on Saturday and finished the editing/production on it today. It is…a cool video imo. If I had something like this when I first started getting into planning and line creation I would have saved myself a few months at least. Hopefully it gets received well. It is a 35minute video (with chapters so you can auto skip to sections you want to see), and gets relatively in depth imo.

With that done I am looking to get a ton of book writing this week. The week is pretty light with only 10hrs of coaching scheduled, so I should be able to get a good push. I just have the technical chapters to finish really (4betting, CRing, barreling, etc)…and I am throwing a hudge party when it’s done. I am also looking to get to the gym a few times and get at least 10miles done this week as well. I hit a scale the other day and realized that I am at 182, which is by far the heaviest I have ever been. I am still far from fat (as I am 5’11”-6foot), but I am not thrilled with that number. So I am going to try and fix that up as best as possible.
Random notes:
– I locked comments on older articles. My spam blocker was missing a lot of spam comments and I was getting life tilted that I kept needing to handle it myself
– I have a vacation planned in one month. I am so looking forward to that
– I have started watching the show “Gravity.” I still don’t know how I feel about it
– Futurama is the greatest show ever. And Bender is the greatest character ever
– I have been listening to this song nonstop. My ADD is very calmed when I listen to the same song for hours on end. I do not expect everyone to like it, lol

And with that…I’m off to play some halo and then crash out. Hope all is well!


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