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Are you visiting from Instagram? Awesome! Below are a bunch of links & resources that I’ve mentioned in various posts. I may prune them from time to time, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just DM me.

Winning Poker Hands Quiz

The Winning Poker Hand Quiz

One of the first things a poker player learns is the rank of hands. Quads beat a flush, a flush beats a straight, a straight beats trips, and so on. But there are some spots at showdown where it can be tricky to discern which player wins the pot. So I built this quick 10-hand quiz to test your skills. GLGL!


Live Poker: Buyins, Rebuys, & Top-Ups

Live cash games don’t have auto-buy ins, rebuys, top ups, or anything that makes managing your money easy. So I share my 2-pocket system for keeping the game moving and your stack always topped off.

My Custom Card Protector

Want to protect your cards with a little style? My custom metal card protectors in black & gold are available with free shipping! Both sides are different and ready to ensure that newbie dealer doesn’t accidentally muck your hand incorrectly.

Ace High Flop

Ace-High Flops Webinar

This free training session takes you through Ace-high flops, the kinds of mistakes almost every play makes on these boards, and how you can capitalize on them in every time you play. Register for the next session now!

Preflop Poker Guide

PLANES Preflop Checklist

I discuss how the PLANES model guides all of my preflop decisions – from calling, to 3betting, to loosening up from early position. Try using these 6 focal points in your next session and thank me later!

Poker Promotions Strategy

BBJ Strategy

This article dives into how your strategy should (or likely shouldn’t) change when promotions like bad beat jackpots & high-hand payouts are in effect. Enjoy!

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