Advanced PokerTracker 4 Pack


Ready to get more from your PokerTracker 4 software? This pack includes everything* you need to find your own leaks (+ patch them) and a system for finding your opponent’s leaks (+ how to exploit them!). Knowing how to run the right filters and how to understand the output is vital as you move up in stakes. Use these videos to increase your BB/100 today and always stay one step ahead of your leaks and your opponents. And for a limited-time you’ll also get both of my custom PT4 HUDs (including the popular Ninja HUD) for free!

* This product does not include a license for PokerTracker 4

In these videos you’ll learn how to use PT4 to the fullest when it comes to analyzing your opponents, analyzing your own game, and expanding your strategy based upon the output. Most players only use PokerTracker 4 to analyze their own results and basic stats – but this pack will set you apart from the rest and help you identify leak after leak in their strategies.

Don’t own PT4 yet? Pick up your free trial of PokerTracker 4 here and give it a try.

Samples From These Videos

Find Your Leaks Using PT4

If you only use your database to check your biggest winners/losers and monitor your results you are missing so much value! In this video we go through a 50NL database* with 60k hands. We review everything from open-raising to restealing to make analyzing your game easier than ever before.

Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Which stats to use for exploring your game
  • How to use positional stats + the positional ramp
  • Blind loss rates for 6max and full ring
  • How much blind losses are costing you in bb/100 and dollars
  • Finding leaks in your open-raising ranges
  • Spots where you are calling too wide
  • Leaks in your 4-betting strategy
  • Spots where you call 3-bets with the wrong ranges
  • Using preflop leaks to explore postflop issues
  • How to study all-in preflop situations

Find Their Leaks Using PT4

In this video we explore an opponent in our database with the goal being to find THEIR leaks, explore their hands and lines, and find various ways to exploit them in the future. PT4 has some amazing filters and reports you can run to find these leaks with ease – and I show you how to put them to use today.

Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Using the Player Summary Report in PT4
  • How to explore a single villain/opponent
  • Looking at an opponent’s basic stats to find basic leaks and information
  • Understanding positional stats and how they are useful for understanding ranges
  • Using the Hand Range Visualizer to explore your opponent’s ranges and hands
  • Running filters to find specific hands
  • My list of important filters for finding hands that matter
  • How to find leak ideas and ways to confirm them
  • How to profitably adjust your play against your opponents

+ You Get 2 Free Bonus HUDs…an $18 value!

Bacon Hud

Bacon HUD

The Bacon HUD is a flexible, yet powerful, hud layout for PokerTracker 4 users. This layout combines the holy trinity of stats (VPIP, PFR and AF) with the most important preflop and postflop stats.

The Ninja HUD is the perfect hud layout for players looking for the perfect amount of information. In fact, this is the main hud layout I’ve been using for the last three years. With a heavy emphasis on preflop stats, including stealing, restealing, and 3betting, the Ninja HUD layout is a great way to unleash your inner-ninja and find extra 3bet/resteal situations with ease.

Both HUDs come with my totally-custom popups, built from scratch to keep your vital information a click away. They include a preflop popup, one for postflop, and another for 3bets – and even make it easy to see at a glance if your opponents are doing anything differently from OOP than IP.


If you’re ready to take PokerTracker 4 to a whole new level, both during and away from grind sessions – grab The Advanced PT4 Pack today and start exploiting the leaks of every opponent at your table!

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