Ninja Hud (PT4)


Unleash your inner-ninja by using the Ninja Poker Hud layout for PokerTracker 4.  Your purchase includes a full ring version, 6max version, my custom popups, and a great hud to help improve your real-time play. If you have any questions about the layout, continue reading below!

Built for PokerTracker 4 users, the Ninja Hud is the perfect hud layout for players looking for the perfect amount of information.  In fact, this is the main hud layout I’ve been using for the last two years.  With a heavy emphasis on preflop stats, including stealing, restealing, and 3betting, the Ninja Hud layout is a great way to unleash your inner-ninja and find extra 3bet/resteal situations.  The layout is also very organized and includes my color ranges for both full ring and 6max games.  The layout of this hud is:

Notes Icon – VPIP/PFR (Hands)

s [ATS/Fold v Steal] 3b [Preflop 3Bet %/Fold v 3Bet]

cb [Flop CB/Fold v Flop CB] rs [Resteal/Fold v Resteal]

I’ve also included two more helpful aspects.  First, I color-coded the “Fold v X” stats so that they are red if they’re high and easily exploitable.  And two, I’ve included all of my custom popups.  These include my preflop popup (including a simplified and cleaner version), my postflop popup, and also the 3bet+ pots popup.

Ninja Hud With PopupsOnce you purchase the hud simply download it, import it, test it for two seconds, and then hit the tables!*  Save yourself the time and aggravation of building complicated popups and color coding systems.  Wondering what the Ninja Hud looks like?  This an example of the 6max version…

Ninja 6max Hud Layout

And the full ring version…

Ninja Full Ring Hud Layout

Buy right now and get playing within minutes!**

* Please make sure that you fully test the hud before playing.  Open up a play-money table to ensure the hud is working correctly and positioned in the right places.  If you need help installing or customizing the hud at all, please see the SplitSuit PT4 Hud FAQ.

** SplitSuit assumes zero responsibility if the hud malfunctions, creates confusion, or is incorrect in any way.  Please review and test the hud before using it to ensure it works properly.  If it doesn’t, please contact me right away.

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