The Top 10 Gifts For Poker Players

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of what you should get for that poker player in your life. Don’t just get them a poker chip set, cheap folding table, or novelty shirt. That’s what they always get. These 10 amazing gifts are sure to be loved by any poker player. 

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Artisan Luxury Card Set

World-famous magician David Copperfield said Artisan cards are “The best playing cards ever produced”. If that’s not enough to convince you of the quality these cards have, nothing will. This beautiful set comes with 4 Artisan card decks. 

Store all the cards in its beautiful laser-etched hardwood box. This luxury edition set comes with 2 white decks and 2 black decks. Each card has incredible detail and a great feel when playing at the table. Any poker player would love to show off this card set to their poker buddies. 

Bose Headphones

Bose is known for its high-quality headphones. Go around a poker room and you’ll see many players with Bose earphones. These noise-canceling headphones have wireless Bluetooth and Alexa voice control. 

With 3 levels of noise cancellation, a player can easily adjust how quiet he wants it to be. If they just feel like they want to drown out some of the loudmouths at the table it can be lowered to do that. If they want complete silence because they’re in a hand and want 0 distractions they can do that also.

This is great for the poker player who likes to stay laser-focused when playing a hand. And when they do want to listen to some music the quality of sound is incredible.

The Ultimate Poker Workbook Bundle

The Preflop and Postflop workbooks show the technical and mathematical analysis needed to succeed in poker. When a player learns how to exploit the math in poker they can gain a true edge against their competition. Collectively, these workbooks boast over 3,000 questions, come with complete answer keys, and even include companion video courses.

Players will learn how to

  • Choose proper bet amounts to maximize wins and minimize losses
  • Critically think through each hand so they can make the right decision
  • Know when they should make a bluff

Poker players will love this gift because they’ll become a better poker player. And that’s what poker players want…to get better!

A New 4K Computer Monitor

This is a beautiful monitor that’s perfect for online poker players. With 4 times the resolution of regular HD, the picture quality this monitor provides is truly amazing. Its game mode makes it perfect for anyone looking for a monitor that’s into online gaming.

Check out these features

  • 27 inches UHD (3840 X 2160) IPS display
  • Radeon free sync technology
  • HDR10 Compatible. Dimensions without stand (WxHxD)-24.5 x 14.6 x 2.9 inches

Online poker players are staring at a monitor for hours on end. Any old monitor just won’t cut it, and this is the perfect monitor upgrade.

A Modernized Wallet

Made of space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum this wallet has the durability to last. With an expandable backplate to add additional cards, it can hold up to 12 cards. It also has an RFID blocking layer for data protections which helps protect personal data stored in the cards from skimmers. 

This wallet is great because players can put everything they need in this slim wallet. No need to carry a bulky wallet in their pocket. All their essential cards fit inside nicely and the cash strap holds a few notes on this minimalist wallet. 

Poker players need somewhere to hold their cards and money. This minimalist wallet does the job.

A Thick Money Clip

Poker players don’t carry their cash in their wallets. They have it nicely folded in their money clips. Or worse they just have their cash loosely in their pocket.  

While a minimal wallet like the Ekster is great for cards and some cash, a money clip is a perfect addition for those with lots of cash. Especially for live poker players who need to carry thousands of dollars to and from the casino, a money clip keeps their notes tidy (plus easily hideable in a spare pocket). Don’t think of it as a minimal wallet or a money clip, think of it as both!

Made of carbon fiber with stripes that are made of titanium this durable money clip is built to last. The clip always snaps back to its original position so nothing will ever fall out. It can hold up to 15 bills and 10 credit cards (or well over 50 bills) so everything in a wallet can easily fit in. 

This is the perfect gift for the player who wants to feel like a high roller when they pull out their money from this money clip to cash in for chips.

Flopzilla Pro (Advanced Software)

Flopzilla Pro is the most crucial piece of poker software for hand analysis. This program does all the calculations a player would need to do at lightning speed.

This special Flopzilla Pro SplitSuit Edition includes:

  • A lifetime license for 2 Windows computers
  • Custom range presets to save tons of hours when studying hands
  • 2 videos showing exactly how to use this tool for specific board textures.

For any poker player who already puts time and effort into studying poker during the week, arm them with this tool so they can take their strategy to the next level.

Poker Audiobooks On Audible

With over 200,000 books to choose from Audible is a great way to listen to some great books. Not everyone has the time to read but with Audible, a person can listen to a book while driving, walking, or even playing a little poker. And with up to 2x speed a book can be done in half the time. 

7 Best Poker Audiobook

Poker can be a slow game when a player isn’t getting any good cards to play and players often need something to do to battle off the boredom. Audible offers a way to give poker players a way to escape boredom by listening to a great book. When a poker player gets too bored at a table they tend to play hands they shouldn’t play and make some bad decisions.

Plus, there are lots of poker audiobooks already available (here is my list of the best poker books available on Audible). So they can buy a poker strategy audiobook today and be playing better poker in no time at all. 

Audible has poker titles but also books on psychology, meditation, and self-improvement. These are all things poker players have some interest in. Audible is ~$16/mo, so a $50 gift card gives them 3 months of audiobooks plus lots of discounts!

A Streaming Poker Computer

This CyberpowerPC Gamer computer is the ultimate computer for any gamer. It has the highest processing power and best graphic cards on the market to provide the best gaming experience. Not only does it perform great but it also looks great with its sleek design.

For any poker player looking to upgrade their computer, or those looking to branch into streaming via Twitch, this machine gives them tons of power.

  • System: Intel Core i7-9700k 3. 6GHz8-Core: Intel Z390 Chipset, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NV Me SSD
  • Genuine Windows 10 Home 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Video Card
  • Special feature: Liquid Cooling; Tempered glass side case panel

An online poker player’s computer is as important to them as a doctor’s stethoscope. This computer will be a great gift for any online poker player.

The KEM Poker Deck From Rounders

There is no poker deck more iconic than the cards used in the opening scene of Rounders. The KEM Arrow deck is the perfect addition to every poker player’s collection.

You can’t play poker without cards and KEM are considered by many to be the finest playing cards in the world. KEM is a 60-year-old company that specializes in producing one product: playing cards. This company has perfected how to make a superior deck of cards. 

With its unique blend of paper and plastic, it provides flexibility and durability to last for an endless amount of poker games. It’s designed to shuffle better, deal better, and just feel better. This set comes with both a black and gold deck of cards.

Any of these items will be great gifts for any poker player. They’ll help them improve their play, make the game more enjoyable, or make them feel like a high roller!

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