My goal is to make cash game poker fun, easy, and more profitable. Whether you play full ring or 6max, I have poker coaching material to help you improve!

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Who is SplitSuit?

Welcome to! My name is James Sweeney (although I go by SplitSuit and *Split* just the same) and I’ve been playing poker since 2004 and coaching poker since 2008.  Over that time I’ve primarily played full ring cash games (up to 200NL) and live cash games ($1/$2-$2/$5), but I’ve also played 6max, MTTs, some SNGs, and even PLO8.  I created this site back in 2008, and while the style has certainly changed many times over, the concept is still the same. To blog about poker strategy, centralize cash game poker material, and be one of the best poker sites to help players all over the world. Over the last 5 years I created more than 200 poker videos, coached over 450 students, and even wrote a best selling full ring poker book…so it’s been busy to say the least. With that said, take some time to explore the site, watch a free poker video, and maybe check out one of my premium poker videos. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, other wise good luck and happy grinding!

If you want try different Poker sites check out this page on is a favorite poker room for new players looking to improve their game and practice their skills.

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