Poker Quizzes & Lessons

Looking for a challenging poker quiz that blends the perfect mixture of strategy and interactive/fun? You’re in the right place! The goal with these quizzes and lessons is to give you a chance to put your poker knowledge to use. If you fail a quiz, just go back and review the concept, then give the quiz another try. This is one of the best ways to learn without having to risk any money…so get in there ♠


This is the most-challenging poker quiz to date. It will test your hand reading skills, the lines you would actually take, and forces you to expand your poker mind. Open up Flopzilla and enjoy the preflop quiz!

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There is a lot of math in poker, so it’s important to ensure that you have these principles down-pat. These quizzes will test the math side of your poker brain to help the technical part of your strategy. Good luck! (all of these quizzes have complete answer keys as well)


Do you know how often certain hands hit vs. miss? Do you know the best play to take with specific hole cards? These quizzes will test your preflop and flop lines to bridge the gap between theory and practice! (all of these quizzes have complete answer keys as well)


A few minutes is more than enough to learn a concept, ace a quiz, and get back to your day! Check out these lessons and ensure you have the basics fully understood. (all of these quizzes have pre-training included)


These are quizzes that don’t quite fit into any of the other categories.