April 20 – A Little Taste Of My Current Run Bad

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Friday: Black Friday
Saturday: DL new iPhone update which kills my phone for the next 8hrs
Sunday: My best laptop shits out during a coaching session. Buy a new laptop (nice 17″ laptop that is relatively top of the line)
Monday: Brand new laptop dies at midnight
Tuesday: Bring laptop in and get told that the chances of my new laptop (mind you, this is NOT a refurb or something) being a lemon is about 1/200,000. Then they tell me that they would give me a new one, but they just sold out of it an hour ago. They make me drive down to the ghetto to get a new one. Said ghetto location tries to charge me $50 to do a hard drive swap. I LOL and tell them to fuck themselves (they do, and charge me nothing).
Holy hell…I know Aprils are always bad for me…but WHAT THE HELL?


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