August 8 – WTF Just Happened To Time?

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My bad for the lack of updates. Time has just really escaped me over the last week or so. I have been spending pretty much everyday with the girlfriend and just enjoying our time. Because of that I have been a bit laxed on my work responsibilities…but I am fine with that and considering this time a rest. And speaking of that, I decided to redesign my 1 month trip to Chicago/Boston and just take a 1 week trip to Boston instead. A decision that I think is by far and away the most +EV =)

Things with the lady have been really well. We’ve just been doing a whole bunch of random shit from sushi to Freemont to playing pool and enjoying getting to know eachother. I’m having a hard time shutting off the left side of my brain which just wants to run various analysis on what the relationship will look like when the honeymoon phase is over…but I am doing my best to just enjoy the moment and bask in good feelings. And rather than looking at this good time as a massive upswong I will consider it regression to the mean =)
It should also be noted that I had a new video or so get released on PokerBank. I did a “Preflop Planning” video that I think turned out really well and shows a bunch of my mental checklists for various situations. If you think your PF game could use some growing, I would suggest checking it out (and it’s pretty graphical plus only 38 minutes). I also have some more videos coming out in the future, so make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out!
Everything else is going well. I had a record day on GP the other day (~900 visits in a single day), and things have been going well. I have also started writing some bloggy type posts on there, including this one where I did a self portrait in MSPaint. And on that note, I am going to go make one more playlist for GP before crashing out. Hope all is well!


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