Feb 24 – In Boston

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So I landed in Boston a few days back, and have just been chilling here ever since. The flight was lovely and I ended up getting an entire row to myself, and believe it or not, got 5hrs of sleep. I am just relaxing up here, and also dropping off King for a little bit. We can’t really have King at my new place, so he’s going to hand out with my dad for a little bit and I’ll pick him back up this summer. The plan while in Boston is also to see my mom and sister, even though I’m right back in Vegas by the weekend.

I’ve still been pretty busy the last few weeks. One of my projects ended, although it seems it might start up again for a little while. My new business has been put on pause for a little bit as well unfortunately. The good news is that it’s given me some extra time to slow down and think about a few things, and also get some feedback from a few people. I still want to get it launched around the end of the month…but we’ll see what happens given my schedule.
I’m also officially moved in with the lady friend. To do so I needed to rent a Uhaul to move some of the bigger things (bed, desk, etc.)…which was an interesting drive given I’ve never driven a truck, lol. But the move was pretty nice, only took a few hours, and it feels good to be moved in with my new office set up. We’ll also planning on moving this summer, so I did some downsizing and am pretty ready for an out of state move =)
Everything else is going well. My diet has improved quite a bit (although I’m cheating a bit while in Boston =P ), and I’ve actually lost 11 lbs since the first of the year. My goal is to lose another 10lbs by summer and get down to 170lbs, which for being 6ft tall is fine for me. I just need to stay focused and keep grinding. And on that note, I’m heading up to UNH to do lunch with my sister…so hopefully all is well with you!


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