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Should We Ever Fold A Flush?

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There are times to make big folds, but is this the right spot to fold a flush? Hero ends up flopping a HUGE hand not only spiking the nuts – but also having a straight-flush draw to go with it. But when the flush draw fills on the river and villain gets aggressive hero decides to find the fold button. Let’s see if his hero fold is good, or really bad…

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How To Use Blockers When Counting Combos

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Hand reading is the cornerstone of solid poker. When you know what your opponent has, it’s far easier to apply pressure, hero call correctly, and take more profitable lines. Combos and blockers are huge assets when it comes hand reading, and when you have this skill hammered down you can dissect their range with absolute precision.

Let’s start by talking about blockers. A blocker is something that is very, very useful to understand when you’re counting combos, but if you don’t either of these two terms are let’s start with quick definitions: Continue reading

How To Play Top Pair + A Flush Draw

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There are times when you know you are behind – but you still have a hand that sucks to fold. In this hand we’ll explore that exact kind of situation. Hero ends up flopping top pair + a nut flush draw – but when facing escalating action in a multi-way pot it becomes very clear that our top pair is almost certainly NOT the best hand. What should we do? Keep reading (or watch the video) to find out…

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Playing Pocket Queens – Value Bet Or Check To Induce?

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This hand is from 100NL where hero has pocket Queens against a tilting player. Knowing when to hold-on for dear life with a big pocket pair is crucial when playing vs these players – and in this case we need to make a +EV decision on a nasty river card. In this spot we are 4-handed, villain just lost 3 hands in a row and visibly tilty, and we are facing a raise from the big blind…

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How To Clear Your Mind To Be The All-Time Poker Winner (Sponsored Post)

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I guess any poker player has ever heard the phrase that ‘poker is a game of skill’ as well as the opposite opinion that ‘poker is a game of luck, or a chance’. I do not share both views and prefer to say that poker is a game of work. Constant training, learning, practicing, developing thinking, creativity, logics, patience and discipline is a complex of works any poker player has to accomplish every day not to miss his/her chance for good luck.

Reading books and forums, listening to podcasts, learning techniques. studying videos is as essential part of a poker player life. These activities do not fit with a word ‘game’ that is often associated with entertainment and fun, and to be honest, may be very tiresome. Needless to say, playing poker is rather stressful. This post is here to remind poker players that our minds require relaxing to function well and effectively. Make sure that you devote some time to clear your mind in between working hard to be the all-time poker winner. Continue reading

Facing A Check-Raise With Top Two Pair

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Top two pair is normally a monster – but how strong is it after facing a check-raise on a flushed board? In this hand we dissect an uncomfortable hand where Hero has to make some big decisions with Ace Queen on AQ65.

In this hand, we’re in middle position with AQ and we open. Saulius in the write-up said that his standard open raise is a min-raise from any position. I’m not going to get into it in this video, but I don’t typically agree with that as a general overall strategy. I think it does a lot of things, leaves a lot of money on the table, and minimizes some leverage points that you’re looking for. But we’re just going to say that this is what Saulius is using overall, so this is nothing atypical for him. End up getting called by the small blind and go heads-up to it.

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How To Play 2 Pair In A Multi-Way Pot

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In this hand, we’re in the big blind with T6s. There’s a limp, another limp, another limp. And hero decides to check his option. In the write-up, Jay says this: “People here know I play really tight. If I make a decent size raise, most fold. So I wanted to mix it up.” So keep that in mind as we’re going through the rest of the hand.

We started the hand with only 30 big blinds, definitely not something that I would suggest doing, unless you have a really super, super strong strategy at 30 big blinds and you think it’s more profitable for you to play 30 big blinds than it is for you to play a hundred or two hundred big blinds.

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Poker HUD Stats Glossary & Meanings

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Your poker HUD is an amazing tool – but with so many stats to choose from (and even more available in the popup) they can become quite confusing. In my 6max workbook you will find lots of stats – so many that I needed to create an entire glossary dedicated to them. So this is directly from the back of the book and it:

  • Shares the shorthand for the stat
  • A quick definition for that stat
  • And related stats when applicable

If you are brand-new to HUDs and don’t fully understand even the basic stats – please read my Getting Started With HUD Stats article first and it will clear things up nicely. And with that said, enjoy!

3BET: How often a player 3bets preflop. See the glossary for more information on 3bets.

4BET+: How often a player 4bets, 5bets, 6bets, etc. when given the opportunity preflop. Continue reading