July 12 – I Am Now 25 =(

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I hate getting older. I turned 25 a few days back, and while I don’t feel much older, it’s kind of a shock when I think about where the last 4 years have gone. It’s that weird feeling like so much has happened, but at the same time it’s a fucking blur. I didn’t do too much for my birthday. I actually spent about 4hrs on the phone with microsoft support, another 2hrs with friends/family on the phone, and after waking up at noon I had very little time left, lol. I did go out and grab some dinner, but after drinking a lot during the week, I took the night relatively easy.

The last week was pretty solid. Went to the “Bluff” party on Wednesday which was over at Sapphires (the strip club). Good time for sure, even though the vibe is always odd when you take a massive group of usually socially awkward people and throw strippers into the mix. The next night was the 2p2 party over at Wynn which was a good time. It took me some time to finally get on a table and they were the only table in the room playing NL. It took me another 30minutes to even get the table playing 1/2 NL, 1/2 PLO. New rule…don’t come to a 2p2 party if you don’t want to play retarded games that you only place once a year (like reverse holdem, 5 card PLO8, triple board games, etc.). Ended up losing a little bit…but only because top set in PLO is never good.
I am still having computer issues as well. The whole initial problem was with my Silverlight (which fucks up my ability to answer hotmail emails and watch Netflix vids). After 14hrs of microsoft support doing everything they could think of, they reinstalled my Windows 7 system files. Which would have been great, except that it didn’t fix the issue AND destroyed my Camtasia. Wonderful! They want to do a full system reinstall on Thursday…and I’m debating if I want to do that. I probably will…but there is nothing worse than taking a full day off to get your computer back to normal. *sigh* If only I could ever run good with computers…
And on that note, I am going to go relax for a bit. I did a lot of recording and writing this morning, so I am pretty wiped. Oh, and Greatest Playlist is doing well…I have a few number one spots on google, and have some fun ideas moving forward. A very fun project still =) Hope all is well!


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