July 17 – Played Some Poker?

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So I actually decided to play some poker this weekend. I went down to the Mirage at 8 on Friday (and I only went to the Mirage because I had some left over chips that I wanted to cash out) and got started. The game was pretty perfect considering it would swong from really nitty to really splashy. There was rarely anything in the middle imo. It was nice to get some grinding in, though not as nice that my Adderall was still kicking in and I had a massive headache. O well

As usual I ran pretty shit. Only flopped one set the whole night on a KQ3 board, and with two callers to my flop bet and a Q on the turn I got no action (wtf?). Got zero action with AA the one time I had it. Had QQ in a 6 way limped pot in the SB with a relatively aggro BB so I completed and whiffed the megabackraise. Lead a J73 flop, got 1 caller. Lead a T turn and he called. Lead a Q river and got minraised…of course I run into AK (again, wtf?). I hit about zero top pairs which was fun, and went 0/7 on draws. I 3bet an MP open IP with T2ss and just the opener calls. Flop is Js9s8c and he c/c. Turn is a 2x and I overbet shove for the win (he folded QQ and I giggled as I showed the 2). And to wrap up the night I raise to $8 with QQ from MP, get 3bet to $20 from the table moron (same guy from the QQvAK hand). I 4bet to $93 for value and snap his shove. End up losing a ~300bb pot vs AQ. If I ever run good…*sigh*
Only fun hand was one where I 3bet this girl without looking at my cards and she folded saying she would pay me $5 if I showed her a 3. The first card I pipped was a 3 and I was $5 richer =) She ended up being pretty chill…which is always rare to find at the poker tables imo. Ended up getting out of that session at about 5a…so my sleep schedule has been fucked all weekend.
The rest of the weekend was fine. Just chilled, ate food, and made playlists for GP. I am starting to add some non-music playlists just to see how they are received. I figure that because it is a playground that I might as well use it as such. And who knows…maybe GP eventually becomes an entertainment tube. We shall see. And on that note, I am going to go relax and play some Halo. Hope all is well!


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