June 17 – Out Of Event 30

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So I managed to last all of 6 minutes in my latest WSOP event, lol. I managed to play 3 hands, the first two of them being relatively odd. I will talk about them now. Now, mind you that MTT play is still not my biggest strength, but I am relatively happy with my lines in them.
Hand 1 of Event 3 (in SB with $4500 @ 25/50): Folds to BUT who opens $150 (the BB isn’t there, so I am the last contender). He is an older guy (probably 50’s), and I call with JJ. A strong argument could be made for 3betting here, but flatting is certainly the safer play imo. Flop comes 9x8c6c. I check, he bets $300, I call. The turn comes a 7x and I donk for $200. I do this for a few reasons, the big ones being that it acts as a blocker, I don’t think it ever gets raised unless he has a T, and it should get me to SD for no more bets if I time well. He ends up folding fairly quickly.
Hand 2 of Event 3 (on BUT with $5000 @ 25/50): Folds to the CO who opens $150 (same guy from last hand). I call OTB with AdQs. The BB calls as well. Flop comes 8d6d3d. BB checks, CO bets $400. At this point I would guess that MTT pros would flat here in a chip survival effort and it also makes the turn relatively easy to play IP. However, I went with my standard cash game thought of “his stack is shorter at about 80bb and I don’t mind stacking this off right now with all my equities, plus FE is always nice.”. I raise to $1025, BB folds, CO snap ships and I call. He has JJ and I of course never improve.
Hand 3 of Event 3 (in CO with $900 @ 25/50): Folds to me and I open to $100 with As8d (def a tilty open, I should have taken a walk at this point rather than playing another hand). BUT calls and we see a HU flop of 9s8d4s. I check, he bets $300, I ship and he calls with A9 (btw, sweet call preflop bud!). I pick up a spade on the turn and of course brick it on the river (seriously, if I ever hit a draw in one of these tournies I am going to puke with excitement right there on the table).
So I took most of yesterday off and got some writing done. Felt good, and I even wrote a creative writing piece as the right side of my brain has been screaming for attention recently. I have also been dreaming a lot recently, and very disturbing dreams (death, hiding from threats, etc)…which actually sparked me to write my will the other day. Very odd feeling writing your will at the grand age of 23…but better safe than sorry I suppose. And on that note…I’m off to write some more and relax. Hope all is well!


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