June 20 – Happy Father’s Day

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Happy father’s day to those of you reading the blog with kids. Hopefully it was a good one. I ended up getting a convo in with my dad early in the day…and was a bit lazy on when I ordered his gift…so hopefully he should get it this week (got him a decent 9MP digital camera…because I’m sick of getting crappy pix he took with his old ass cell phone, lol). I am extremely tired right now though, so this blog post will be brief.
I have done a ton of golfing (of different varieties) this weekend. Ended up getting my new golf discs the other day (a sick mix of discs I had never even heard of) and have been enjoying the hell out of them. I got a bubble gum Dragon disc and a Wraith which are just dope as discs with very cool flight patterns. My throw has gotten stronger (I am driving 325 more consistently), but I am still working on getting up to the 375 area. I will get there in time I’m sure. And I actually got to use them today in minimal wind…although my game was pretty sloppy due to tossing discs for like 4hrs on Saturday.
Today I actually played real golf (or “ball golf” lol) for the first time in like 2years. I bought a set of clubs the other day and wanted to try them out. Went out to Rancho with Jon and we just kicked it. Oddly enough I managed to not get life tilted…which I guess is easy when you have no expectation at all due to being entirely rusty. I managed to do alright and was putting some +1, +2, +3 scores later on. I sadly broke a club, but not from tilt. I was crushing my midgame with my 8i and the damn head snapped off on a 110y layup. fuck. O well, I will just go get a new one, and then also get a new driver…as I need an oversized driver for the fun stuff =)

Past that things are going really well. I have a week full of coaching and then I have events the week after. Goals for the week include finishing more chapters and also getting 2 350 drives. all very doable =) Also, I recently DL’d “Words With Friends” for the iPhone…so if anyone plays, just add me (SplitSuit). Hope all is well


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