May 13 – Getting Ready For The WSOP

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So this morning I got motivated to get selling my WSOP shares. Decided to sell off 80% of my action in 4 events (a spread out schedule of $1K events) at 15% markup. Ended up selling out within an hour, which was very awesome (and 60% sold to CTS which is a major confidence builder). Given that I sold out so quickly I am consider adding some more events and playing some $1.5K and $2K events…but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow and if I want to set a full schedule of MTTs for June.


With that in mind, I wanted to give a special shoutout to ElNino1 who was kind enough to explain the markup thing to me and help me set up my post and junk. I am not familiar at all with MTT staking procedures, so it was a major help. Thank you sir =) I am looking forward to meeting up with him and some of the other uFR/SSFR guys this summer during the series. I am not fully sure how much live grinding I am going to do during the series…but it should be a fun time none the less.
For those interested in following me, I will be blogging, but also tweeting during the WSOP. My link = So for those that use this twitter thing…there you go.
The rest of this week was just fine. Had a lot of coaching things to finish up, and also dropped my sister back at school the other day. I am leaving for Vegas again on Monday, so I need to start packing up and junk, but ill get there soon. I also decided to buy myself a new laptop (I was having a bad day, so buying a gift helped =) ). Will be nice to be working with 2x the ram and 2x the HD space now. And on that note…I’m going to go finish up my COTW (which comes out in a few weeks) and then start writing some more of my book possibly. Hope all is well!


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