May 19 – Oh Hi Again Runbad!

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So I woke up on Wednesday morning to an odd email telling me that there was some odd activity on my bank account the night before. I don’t think much of it, as it’s happened once before, and my bank just deleted it, blocked them, and we all moved on with our lives. So I check my bank account and they make me call some fraud department. Long story short, I had to get my bank account closed down because there was a charge for less than 1% of the account’s worth from some random place. Awesome!

They then make me go to a local branch to get a new card. Whatever, no big deal. Grab some breakfast, hit the bank, talk to some suit. Rule #1 for banking…if the suit you are talking to goes “hmmm…that’s odd”…you lost. It doesn’t matter what game you were, or weren’t playing…but you lost. For some odd reason I am in some super rare situation where they are unable to give me a temp card the same day. So I sit here still waiting for it to come in the mail. Welcome back runbad!
Other than that things have been OK I guess. I meant to make a vid on my days off (this is my last day off of the week), but the banking fiasco yesterday fucked that all up. Instead I used my days off to prep a video, clean my house (which took about 4hrs), buy & assemble a better computer desk, drive for a few useless hours, and eat a bunch of food. Overall, a pretty damn solid couple of days, lol. And I am just chilling now before I go meet up with a college friend for sushi, and I haven’t had sushi in about…oh I dunno…20hrs?
I just wanted to update real quick. O, last bit of news, GP is doing quite well. Traffic has been rising at a roughly 20% slope since it started, and I am loving being able to experiment with the keyword junk. I’m not super thrilled at my bounce rate, but I assume that that is because people search for “playlist” but really mean “tracklist”. Meh, time will tell. Hope all is well!


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