May 8 – My First Week Of Work

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So my first week of work is finished. I haven’t been this tired in quite a long time. Trying to become proficient this quickly is taking a lot out of me, lol. Couple that with the fact that I am a nerd so I take notes all day and then organize them when I get home…it makes for some longer days. O well. The job so far is a lot of fun…and I’m enjoying the challenge as it comes.

I have the next few days off (yea, I work an odd schedule)…so I think I am going to get some disc golf in and also produce a video or two. I have a video on betsizing recorded, so I just need to produce it which I will probably do on Monday. I have some visual ideas for this one that should make it fun. It’s nice to still have a creative outlet that I can let the right side of my brain run rampant. Which reminds me that I would like to continue on with my second book…but I’m deciding now if I still want to do that or not given the poker situation. Meh…worst comes to worst I finish it and then let it sit for awhile until I feel like releasing it. We shall see.
I also made a butt-ton of playlists for GP today. I’m taking suggestions if anyone thinks something would work well on there =) I am about 1.5weeks ahead in the queue which is nice, and have a lot of fun stuff coming up. The best thing about this project is that is forcing me to go find new music. I have a few sites now that I use to get my brain jogging, and I am loving it. It feels like forever since I’ve been finding music at this pace, but it is helping me build my music library very quickly =)
Everything else is going alright. I did the gym 5x this week and feel a little sore. I’m still gaining weight which I’m not liking. I keep telling myself that it is muscle, but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t. It feels like stress weight (and sits right where stress weight sits too). I need to get back to doing yoga a few times a week I think. Not quite sure what I’m so stressed about…but hopefully it rectifies itself quickly. And on that note, time to think about crashing out. Hope all is well!


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