Nov 28 – Back From Palm Springs

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It’s nice to be back in Vegas from my mini-vacation. The ride out on Thursday was quite easy and fun. Finally got my car over 100mph (because what better time than in the wide open desert?)…and capped it at 111mph. There was a black Benz and white Maxima who acted as speed buffers and made for some very aggro driving. The drive should take about 4.5 hrs, and I made it in about 3.75hrs. No complaints at all.
Once we got into Palm Springs we pretty much got right to food and drinks. I ended up passing out at about 8p that night due to being so tired from waking up at 6a to leave, and turkey (damn tryptophan!) Woke up at 10a the next day and spent a lot of the afternoon just bumming and watching game shows (Lingo is an awesome game if you haven’t seen it). At night we went out to the movies and saw “Due Date”, which was really good, except for the asshole sitting behind us. Obviously stoned, the kid laughed about 90x louder than anyone else and talked about why each joke was funny. The kind of kid you want to punch right in the damn face. I ended up having words with him after the movie…but it was an exercise in patience to say the least. Went home from here, ate some food, and passed out.

Woke up early on Saturday to prep lunch (early being 11a). My Uncle Tom came over for lunch, and then we stopped over at his place after (as he lived about 15min away). I am the first person in the family to see his place, so I got lots of pix. He was very interested about the book and seemed both confused and impressed, lol. My job is so odd. After that we drove around Palm Springs (saw some of the sights that I didn’t see last year), and then bummed around for the rest of the night.
Woke up at 5a to ensure we were on the road by 6a (had to get back to Vegas by noon to get Jon’s dog, and I am a super nit when it comes to travel time buffer). I have been insanely tired the entire day and just catching up on emails and skype messages. I will probably be finalizing some of the 2011 protege’s this week, and hopefully will have the entire team solid before I leave for Christmas vacation. The year is wrapping up very quickly, and I’m just trying to remember to enjoy the ride =) Hope everyone else is doing the same!


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