Oct 11 – Back From Balloon Fest

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I got back earlier this afternoon, and am super tired after a very long weekend. It was a great mini-vacation, and the first time in almost 3 years that I have been without my laptop for more than a day. I will write up a more detailed post later, but I wanted to get something out before I went to bed.
I only saw balloons one of the days. I decided to sleep through the other day because I was running on minimal sleep, and sleep was necessary, lol. The trip there took about 10hrs due to traffic, but split between Jon and I, it was relatively easy. We just listened to random mix discs, played 20 questions (which I suck at), and took turns taking naps. I was proud of Jessica (my car) for doing so well…though I think I am buying a new car tomorrow. Random, but I’ll give more details as I solidify things.
That being said, here are some pictures from the balloons (there are tons more and I will try to make a slideshow at some point):

I have to be up early to get some coaching done and then go do the negotiation stuff. I’m a little stressed about it all, but I always am when it comes to bigger purchases. O well…Hope all is well, and I’ll write up something longer and more detailed later.


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