Oct 28 – Soooooooooo Close!

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I am so close to being done with this big project I can taste it. I am 100% done with phase 1, 80% done with phase 2, and phase 3 is about 46% done. I have been taking Adderall everyday, starting work at 9a (which means waking up at 7:45a…gross), and grinding my ass off to finish this thing. Details of the project should be released soon (sorry for the secrecy!)…and I can’t wait to start getting some feedback and reviews!

Life has actually been going really well. Waking up so early has done crazy shit to me…but I am feeling mentally strong right now. It’s also odd getting tired around 10:30p…but I suppose that is part of getting older lol. I’m still working on finding a balance between my relationship and work…but it’s coming along. I am very thankful that the lady friend is incredibly supportive of me working…which oddly enough makes me want to work less. But it happens I suppose…
I think I’m going to go play some live this weekend. I have been itching to get some grinding in and feel very poker strong right now. I’m sure other US players agree with me when I say that I miss being able to sit down, fire up 4 tables of RUSH, and just grind away for a few hours. Now if I want to play poker I have to put on pants…which I don’t want to do. Thanks government for making me wear pants…jerks
And on that random note, I am going to go grab some dinner before relaxing with the lady friend. Then right back to work tomorrow morning to crush through the rest of my work load and hopefully get everything ready to rock for next week. Hope all is well, and have a solid weekend!


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