Oct 3 – 2011 Homestretch

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I love and hate going into Q4 of the year. I love it because it gives me a solid 3 month period where I can get my ass into action and finish the year strong. But I hate it because I only have 3 months before totally starting fresh in 2012. This year has actually been excellent…between having a better social and financial year than 2010…so no complaints from me. I still have a lot to do before yearend…but I am keeping a very optimistic outlook on it all.

The last week or so was pretty solid. Ended up doing yoga twice…and also doing a lot more exercise during the day (as sitting for hours straight while working is very unhealthy). Even just doing a set of pushups every 1/2hr does the trick (and increases strength as well!). My diet has been ok, with minimal desserts and a heavier focus on well-sized portions and fruits/veggies every day. Overall I have been feeling a lot better physically and mentally…the only thing that really needs improvement right now is my focus levels. But I suppose I am still in an adjustment phase…so I’ll cut myself some slack.
I also might be undertaking a big project going into the end of the year. I think I want to try and get it out before Xmas…which is possible if I hustle hard and grindcore for like a month straight. October is an excellent month because the only holiday is at the very end…so I have a few weeks where I can really focus and crush. I’m going to finish outlining it, see if I get the green light, and then discuss it in more detail when the time is right. But if the blog posts are taking even longer….that is why, lol. Speaking of which, does anyone have any interest in buying GreatestPlaylist? I don’t think I’ll have a tremendous amount of time for it…and I also got out of it what I wanted (to sandbox some SEO stuff and create sustainable Google traffic). If you are interested, just email me at splitsuit @ gmail.com
And on that note…I’m going to get some more outlining and prep work done. Cheers to a solid end of the year!


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