And The Trend Continues

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So sadly not much has changed. I am still working my ass off, and decided to put more work on my plate by starting SNAXX, which is a blog-esque section of Greatest Playlist. I just wanted to start getting more content on GP, and start having some fun doing some creative-ish writing. Overall it is fun so far, but it is taking a lot more time to add extra posts on top of the normal playlist creation.
Work has also been busy. Couple that with my days off are now being filled with students, recording/editing videos, and writing articles when applicable (just wrote a 1000 word article yesterday for an emailer). I’m trying to plan out a long vacation in August (going to Chicago for a weekend, then bounce out to Boston for a few weeks to chill with family and such, and then back to Vegas). I just need a change of scenery as I am getting antsy again…which happens far too regularly, lol
I don’t think I’ve done anything that exciting over the last week. Some gym lifts, some weight loss, some attempting (but failing) to relax…but not much else. I will say this though, now that I am working so much more, I have a new appreciation for my office set up. My wrists would usually be killed after this much work, but they are actually feeling just fine which is awesome. Spending a few hundred extra bucks on an office is an expense everyone should make imo (and hello extra tax write off!)
With that said, I am going to go get some more playlists done for GP. I just finished a video for TPB earlier today as well, so look forward to that being released soon. I did an INVERSE session, which is a different way of looking at hand histories that digs a bit deeper and is a bit more interesting imo. I also made sure not to make it too long, as long HH review vids can be way too daunting. That being said, hope all is well with everyone!


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