Apr 29 – Running Bad With A Broken Ankle

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I certainly didn’t mean to go so long without a post. This week has been a clusterfuck of awful. On Monday I was playing tennis with my son and while chasing one of his duffed shots I ran face/knee first into a light pole. From there my ankle went the opposite way and I ended up breaking my ankle. I was pretty nervous about the smashing my head part (as the contact point was right above my left eye), and trying to hobble back to the house left me temporarily deaf in one ear and with temporarily blacked out vision. Luckily my son pelted me with a ton of math questions which I was able to answer (which ruled out a concussion imo), but we went to the UMC anyway.

Turns out my ankle was broken, even though I figured the doctor was joking with me as I’ve never broken a bone in my life (and have played sports with pleeenty more contact than tennis all my life, lol). So I got a wheel chair which was good, but unfortunately the timing was awful as I was moving on Wednesday. It was really tough for me to just sit out of the way while everyone else moved the house. I hate feeling useless, and this entire week has been a test in seeing how useless I can really feel. I’m sure it will get better with time though…
So I met with a specialist on Wednesday who didn’t beat around the bush and said that my ankle had displaced an extra 2mm and recommended that I get surgery this week. I was fine with that, but my GF didn’t enjoy that answer. So we went to a second opinion doctor that said it could go either way (surgery or boot/cast). He recommended another ankle doctor for a third opinion and I’m going to go see him tomorrow. Hopefully he leans more towards the boot as I really don’t want to have to go under and get screws in my ankle. I already had to get some dental work done this week (as I cracked some of my teeth which made eating unbearable), so hopefully that’s the end of the shots/drills =)
I will say one other thing, insurance suuuucks. Either get baller insurance or get no insurance imo (and just sock away a little each month for emergencies). This whole thing is probably going to cost me a stupid amount of money, and with insurance it’s only costing a pinch less than having no insurance. I’ll also say that it really sucks not knowing what is going on. I just want to know if surgery or the boot is the best option so that I can plan accordingly and try to get back to work. Also, how the fuck would a normal person with minimal savings, a job, and no one around to help them many hours a day handle something like this? My GF has been an absolute godsend during this whole ordeal, and I thank her daily for it…
On a last note, we got a new dog yesterday as well. His name is Zeek and he’s a Chihuahua MinPin hybrid. He’s awesome and acclimating very well. Good life decisions! Hope all is going well with yall!


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