April 9 – More Poker, More Work, More Things

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As the title should tell you, things have been kind of nutty lately. Lots of work (coaching picked up a ton and I’ve been doing at least an hour or two per day), more poker playing (omgomgomg), and then other things going on in life. My GF just lost her job today, so we might be moving sooner than expected. We’re doing some research over the next few days to figure out exactly what we want to do. I hate big life decisions being made on a schedule faster than I anticipated, but it’ll all work out…it always does.

I’ve also been playing a bit more poker. Got in a session last week at MGM playing that was pretty dull, and then also played last night, which was much more exciting. Lots of splashing around, lots of playable hands that i could see flops with, and lots of random postflop spots. My biggest pot of the night was probably only $250 total (getting my 55 all in against KJ on AK56), but there was also a lot of missing flops. So many spots where I could see a flop with QTs, 87s, 33, etc…and so much missing in a game where people were taking 2nd pair too fair and rando pot bet bluffing everywhere. Still walked out with a bit more than a BI, and just in time to pick my friend up from the airport.
Other things have been going well. I’ve been cheating my diet a little bit, but after dropping 16lbs since the start of the year I’m ok with it. I also bought a new domain ( www.luckboxmedia.com ), so I plan on getting started on that once I have some extra free time….and yes, it’s a media project =P. I also picked up some new video games (DDR 2, Dirt 3, and Final Fantasy XIII-2), and I’m loving Dirt 3. I’d really learn to improve my driving ability when I pick up lots of free time…but unfortunately that isn’t today. And with that said, it’s time to get dinner started. Hope all is well!


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