August 12 – ADD Is Funny

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The week is going alright so far. Actually been hustling like a machine getting this little business off the ground. I feel super broke (I’m not…just feel that way) for some odd reason this week, which generally makes me get more business stuff done. I sadly cannot grind when I get in this mindset, but it just gives me more time to get business stuff done. Passive income streams ftw!

By the way, not sure if people reading this have ADD, but I will let you know mine is getting so silly. The funniest thing about ADD is the amount of ironic situations that arise from it. For instance, when I first got out to Vegas my goal was to get adderall or wellbutrin, or something of the like. The great thing about ADD is that you constantly put off things like that. So it has been, give or take, about 3 months since I’ve been in Vegas, and I just FINALLY made an appointment.

I realize I should probably be putting more work into coping with it. I should write more lists, and take advantage of the times I can focus….but I cannot bring myself to do it. I also realize ADD has helped me a ton in poker, so I really can’t knock it that much. The odd thing about ADD kids is they can actually hyper-focus on things they have an interest in. I have an interest in poker and the thought process behind it…and that has helped me spend hours upon hours studying. Gift and a curse I suppose =)

So other than spending lots of hours trying to focus on the tasks at hand, I haven’t been up to too much. Finally got over to the pool at the new place, and was very saddened to see it only went to 4.5ft deep. Which means I cant swim in it. *sigh* I really wanted to swim for exercise, because I hate running, but it turns out I have no choice. And came up with some new ideas for next summer…so we’ll see what amounts from that.

Also, I have been entertaining the idea of staking some new players. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, send me an email (might take me a day or so to respond…so don’t think I’m ignoring you: Must meet these requirements:

1.) currently playing 5NL-25NL
2.) play on FTP or PS
3.) put in at least 25K hands per month
4.) want to be on stake for at least a few months
5.) are willing to get some coaching during the stake
6.) are willing to sign a contract
7.) are a winning player to date over at least 40K hands

If interested, shoot me an email and we can discuss some things.

Hope all is well!



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