August 18 – Busted My Knee

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I am such a donk. Was playing disc golf on Monday and ended up smashing my knee up pretty badly. I was taking a drive off 13 and stepped too far foward and ended up landing on a rock, knee first. I have a lovely bruise, and walking the last couple days has been pretty rough. Ice and Ibuprofrin have been my friend. Even went to the doc, but he said if it still hurts like hell to come in in a few days and get an Xray. So hopefully I’m healed before that, lol.
I am SOOOOOOOOO close to done with this book. I am just finishing up my End Game and CRing, which should be done by tomorrow. I meant to only make CRing a short chapter, but just the “facing a CR” section is like 6 pages already, lol. O well, it is pretty damn comprehensive, so hopefully the reader gets the most out of it rather than me cutting corners. I am soooo looking forward to my vacation at the end of the month. I am in dire need of one.
Also, I have been listening to this playlist a done. In the event you are looking for relaxing songs to grind work to…enjoy:

And on that note…im going to go crash out. I’m insanely tired as I have been up till 3a every morning. Hope all is well!


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