August 9 – Almost Done With The New Site!

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I mentioned this on the SplitSuit facebook page, but the site redesign is almost done. It’s beyond time that this site gets a facelift, and while the store got an graphical update late last year, the whole domain needs a new look. I’ve been working to make it really sharp, really smooth, use HTML5 videos (so they will be viewable on mobile devices), and also improve some store functions (such as instant downloads for videos, ebooks, etc.). I also sharpened up the logo…

So that is in the works, and hopefully will be done in the next two weeks (and when that’s happening, the site will probably be down for a good 5 hours…so sorry in advance =( ). Other than that I’ve been busy with the job, coaching here an there, and standard video work. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a new book (I’ve written about 10% of it in case I decide to go through with it. If you think you’d have interest in a HH review book in the $15-$30 range, let me know, as it might inspire me to actually finish this book, lol. The last book I started I got 30% through it and then got bored with the project, and I’m either going to finish this project or kill it now.
Life has been going well. School is about to start which will be good for my son. He needs to get back to socializing, a school schedule, etc. Although he’s been a trooper this summer doing school work and stuff. He does at least 1hr of work per day, usually some math and some writing/reading. He’s going into third grade and can already multiply, can do cursive, and is doing very well with real-world word problems. I write him a sheet of problems each week and he’s doing well with them…such as “If Cindy buys a vending machine for $15,000 and it makes her $2,000 profit per month, how long will it take for her to recoup her investment?” It’s awesome knowing how far ahead of the game he’ll be and how powerful it is to understand basic things like this early.
Beyond that, things are going well. Just living and trying not to stress myself about every little thing. I’ve also been playing a little PLO here and there, just to get my brain racking again. Speaking of that, I went to BARGE last week. It was fun, although I didn’t get to play anything other than HORSE and PLO…which was sad because I wanted to play really silly games. *sigh*. Hope all is well!


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