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Winning Poker Hands Quiz

Winning Poker Hand Quiz

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One of the first things a poker player learns is the rank of hands. Quads beat a flush, a flush beats a straight, a straight beats trips, and so on. But there are some spots at showdown where it can be tricky to discern which player wins the pot.

So I built this quick 10-hand quiz to test your skills. You’ll be presented with two player’s hands, the board, and then you’ll discern which player wins the pot. If you deduce that both players would win the pot, choose “chop it up” and move on to the next question.

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How Poker Hands Hit Test

More Hands vs More Flops Quiz

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There are hands you always play, and hands you sometimes play…but you should know how ALL of them hit flops. Knowing how often a hand catches draws, pairs, and pure air on the flop is a huge advantage to you. Since you can use this knowledge to create +EV plans and prepare for outcomes far in advance.

This quiz will challenge your knowledge of hands vs flops. Do your best and if you miss a few, there is an answer key at the end. Good luck!

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Ace Jack Range

Ace Jack Vs Ranges Quiz

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Ace Jack is one of those tough poker hands. It seems strong, and it is fairly strong…but it can be tough to figure out HOW strong it is against a range. So I created this quick quiz so you can test your knowledge of AJ vs some different ranges in different situations.

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Poker Nuts Test

What Are The Nuts?

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The nuts = the best possible poker hand. Today’s quiz is simple…I’m going to give you 10 different boards and you have to quickly figure out what hand makes the nuts. Pretty easy, right? Continue reading

Hitting The Flop

Hitting The Flop Poker Quiz

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Do you know how often different hands hit the flop? The truth is that many people have no idea how often the hands they commonly play, like 44, AK, and T9s, really smash flops. Knowing how often a hand hits is vital when it comes to creating +EV plans and also understanding how your opponents hit flops.

So I created this quick quiz to test your knowledge. It’s 10 questions long, covers a variety of hands (from monster pairs to suited gappers), and will let you know if you have a firm grasp of this concept. The only hint I’ll give you is that hands like AK miss the flop about 2/3 of the time and suited connectors flop a ton of draws. Good luck!
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Shoving Ace King Quiz

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As NL players get more and more aggressive, knowing when to get AK all-in preflop is crucial. Knowing when you should be getting Ace King in the middle is a key consideration before you even 3bet or 4bet this hand. The goal of this quiz is to test your knowledge with Ace King to help you understand if you have any big preflop leaks with this powerful hand. This quiz tests the following skills in just 5 questions: Continue reading