Jan 29 – Starting A New Project!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited. I decided to undertake a new project and it’s been taking up a ton of time. Most of this week was spent creating the site, coding, spending money on retarded things, creating graphics, setting up social stuff, outlining content, etc. All I can say is that doing everything yourself takes forever…but it’s just another learning experience and I’ve been taking notes along the way so that I can expedite future start-ups. The goal is to finish everything in the next couple weeks, so hopefully I can drop some more details mid Feb =)

Everything else has been going well. I’m closing out of my current place and slowly moving out, which is much nicer than a rush move. I’m also spending every night in the new place with my lady which has been going very well. We had our first sizable fight this week, which I think went pretty well when it was all said and done. I hate fighting, as it makes me physically ill, but it’s helped me understand her POV better. Now it’s just learn it and adjust for future situations. And life continues…
I also played some poker last weekend. It was quite possibly the most boring session ever. My best starting hands preflop were a single AK and a single JJ, which is kind of brutal over an 8hr session. And somehow, I was only dealt 4 pocket pairs preflop, lol. Needless to say, there were no sets, only a couple top pairs, and just a lot of folding and getting slowly bled. I honestly wish I could talk about even one hand, but there’s literally not even one hand of notability, lol. O well, maybe it means I’ll card rush like hell next time =)
And that’s it from me today. Hope all is going well!


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