January 20 – Cool Ass Week Thus Far

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Woke up Monday and had a a normal coaching session and then a free coaching session from the bounty I put for “biggest bluff run” in the uFR-HU tourny. Oddly enough that is the first event I’ve ever put a bounty on that all my bounties have been claimed. Always fun though. Spent the rest of the day writing. I have a lot of things coming up in the next few weeks. I have a COTW, 4 Stox videos, and some personal stuff I need to be writing. O well, things are getting done.

I have also been getting to the gym more, which is feeling amazing. I’m increasing my run by 1 minute per session, so about 3minutes/week. This may not seem like a lot to a runner, but going from running for 5 minutes straight to 10minutes straight is a huge difference. Doing some arm and back, and then spend the rest of the time just hitting the racquetball around. Get a bunch of different kinds of workouts, and I feel amazing afterwards. I keep going late at night, which is helping me sleep, and my body appreciates it.

rush yo

Tuesday I got woken up by my roommate who was telling me I had to come see something. I was shocked like hell to see poker tables on his monitor as he hasn’t played a hand in like 4months at least. He was giddy as hell telling me about the new RUSH poker on FTP. I won’t lie…it was like Christmas morning when I saw the game. Tables looking soft, ~300 hands/hr/table, and just the feel of 2005 Party…I put in a session later that night and it’s a whole different kind of poker. Fun as hell, but takes away from my overall skillset. O well, still soft and nice. This weekend should be fun =)

After watching the RUSH games for a bit, I finished up 2 LeakFinders that went well imo. Got to work with a very well known grinder which was cool to see what his game looked like from the other side of the glass. After that I had my 4hr database with Mpethy. Holy fuck was it awesome. Got to see some spots where I wasn’t maximizing. I will admit it is humbling. I am still torn between saying “meh, fuck it, it’s a stylistic difference and I have to take a small pass here to make a big pass there”…but I’m pretty sure the real “answer” is somewhere in the middle. I need to improve my WR with my AK/AQ (though both of those are due to my stacking off PF, lol) and JJ+, esp AA/KK. My overall WR with trash hands is way high at least, and my blind loss rate is a lil high. I think I am missing about .4 streets of value with my big hands, I also had 2 really bad stackoffs against tight regs with my overpairs, and was a little too liberal against 1/2 stackers preflop. Fairly easy things for me to fix imo, just need to get back to work and patch them up.

Today I got a late start waking up at 1p. Took an adderall and got to work prepping hands and stuff for the Tank session tonight. Was a very cool session, ran 2hrs (I really do need to start making sure they don’t go on forever, lol), and we went over facing a 3b and OOP play. Everyone seemed to enjoy it as we spent the entire time on just those two concepts, and really just going over like 15 hands. I think I might have Mpethy co-coach the next one with me and go over DB stuff and review strategic ways to patch stat leaks. Hopefully that ends up working out, as it would be a very cool session imo.

Alright, that’s enough from me tonight. Hope all is well!



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