July 15 – Grindalong

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The week is grinding along, as am I. I got some more writing done this week (about 6 pages), and have already done 10hrs of coaching this week. I have another 5 or so left, and my goal is to get some more writing done. I think my goal of getting the book totally written by the end of the month is a bit lofty, but if I can get some good grinding done, I think I can do it. Just need some adderall and blocks of time to put it all together.
Past that life has been pretty boring. My disc golf game has been suffering due to the heat (averaging like 107*F each time we go), and the dehydration takes a lot out of me. I am still averaging about +2 pace across the course (56), but I have lost my consistency. Hopefully I can start putting some good rounds together, especially given that I am controlling my Katana and Destroyer much better. In time I suppose…
I have also been being a nerd and playing a ton of scrabble (well, WWF on the iphone). I think I am about 6-1 this week (and the loss was by about 7 points). The game is making me realize how fucked I am when it comes to competitive games in the future. I cannot for the life of me just play a game for fun. I am always trying to find edges and exploitative lines. So I have been playing the boards very tight in scrabble (making me become more efficient with my 2-4 letter words) and opening the board only if favorable spots arise. /nerdom

And on that note, I need to get some sleep. I haven’t been getting many hours of sleep lately and it’s been bugging me. So hopefully it doesn’t take me 2hrs to fall asleep again. Hope all is well!


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