July 16 – Back To The Grind

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Week has been going pretty well. Back to playing a lot more poker which is feeling great. Only averaging about 2hrs/day…but I am playing a much more intense style that is taking a lot of brain power. I think my stats have been averaging like 26/23 which is loose for 6max, and generally nutty for FR. I am absolutely running over tables, running meh, and looking forward to getting increasingly better at it. My goal is to get up to 5/10NL within the next few months. I have been over-rolled for quite some time, but really see no reason not to start being more aggro with my bankroll.

I’ve been working out most of the kinks at 50NL, played some 100NL today, and plan on playing 200NL over the weekend. Style will certainly have to change over the weekend to adjust for the amount of calling stations, but that should be no issue. It really is amazing how after only 6K hands my poker brain is so much stronger. I’ve been sweating with my 6max/HU roommate and am seeing spots that are just so profitable to bang away. I def suggest trying this style out every now and then…it’s not quite 100%vpip…but damn close =)

That being said, life has been pretty boring otherwise. A little business here and there, but we are doing a little beta-testing on the product to see if we should continue it as it is, or start changing it a bit more. This is the 2nd best part of starting a business. The best being when you actually full launch and then have the most stressful month ever trying to patch every little thing you could have never foreseen. Soon enough =)



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