July 30 – Laughs

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The last few days have been solid. Got some coaching done, picked up a few new students, and got a little framing done for my big chapters (VBing and barreling). I have also been hitting the gym more (will be getting an LVAC membership because Jon is going more and going to the gym with a friend is the best way to continue going). I am incredibly sore today in the calves, but I suppose running at an 8min/mi when I haven’t ran in months will do that. Will certainly be nice when I trim down a bit and get a lil more build, as I haven’t had that in years.
We’ve also been going out more at night. Hit up a comedy club on Monday which was a total failure. Apparently kuge didn’t realize that places in Vegas can go out of business in like 22 minutes, so the place he had planned was a bust. We just went out to a bar near his place and talked poker and life for a few hours. Then we went out to an open-mic tonight (kuge is obviously doing so scoping out of possible places to perform). No lie…I was super impressed. For an open-mic, it was a great show. Very talented people, and even the MC was hilarious. The only sad thing was that like 14 people showed up, lol. But it was cool as we talked with a few of them after and just relaxed.


Everything else has been going well. Have been getting out to play disc golf most everyday and enjoying the blazing hot 105* rounds. I have been playing like shit, but I am also tweaking with my shot and trying to snap better, which I have been doing poorly forever. It should help me finally break 400ft on the drives, but so far it is just acting as a pain in the ass. O well. Alright, Im going to go pass out. I am incredibly tired and need to be up early so I can get a few hours of writing done before my student. Hope all is well


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